Assessments at Brady

At Brady Exploration High School we often use both traditional classroom and project-based learning, so learning assessments play a crucial role in evaluating student progress. 

Our traditional classroom learning often involves lectures, note-taking, and assessments such as quizzes and tests. These assessments provide a snapshot of a student's understanding of the material covered in class. In this setting, teachers may also use formative assessments such as class discussions, group work, and homework assignments to gauge student understanding and adjust their teaching accordingly.

When using project(or problem)-based learning, assessments take on a different form. Students are often given a real-world problem to solve or a project to complete that requires them to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned in class or elsewhere in their life experience. Assessments in this setting may include presentations, portfolios, and peer evaluations. These assessments not only evaluate student understanding but also their ability to work collaboratively, think critically, and communicate effectively. 

So, At BXHS a variety of assessment methods are used to provide a comprehensive evaluation of student progress and ensure that students are prepared for success in college and beyond.

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