Attendance and Eligibility Criteria

The importance of regular, daily school attendance as a basis for academic achievement cannot be overemphasized. Subsequently, attendance is the responsibility of the student, the families, and the school.

Brady High School is committed to providing a variety of learning opportunities to meet the diverse needs of students. Brady High School provides Alternative Education Campus (AEC) eligible students a choice to attend a school other than their assigned neighborhood school. Regular school attendance is the most reliable indicator of student success at Brady. Students must satisfy the school’s eligibility requirements for attendance and academic performance. Students who fail to satisfy these eligibility requirements shall be placed on probation and given an opportunity to be successful in the program. If a student is unable to achieve success in the program, they could be administratively transferred to another school or look at another pathway.

Attendance Requirements

As a condition of continued enrollment, Brady students shall maintain “regular school attendance” which means four or fewer unexcused absences per month or less than 10 per year. Consistent with District policy, absences from Brady shall be unexcused unless they fall within one of the excused-absence exceptions set forth in District Policy JH and Brady receives suitable proof that the absence is excused, including, but not limited to, a doctor’s note or court order. A remedial attendance plan shall be developed with participation from parents or guardians for a student who is at risk of being declared habitually truant with the goal of assisting the student to remain in school.

Students must attend all classes at their designated time, for instance, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday students should be in their 1st period class every day at 8:30 am (Thursday is 9:30 am) or they will be marked tardy.  Three (3) tardy marks = one (1) absence. 4 absences in one month or 10 absences per year can result in the district initiating judicial proceedings.

Students who are enrolled in an asynchronous program will be expected to complete a daily attendance assignment as outlined by the instructor’s syllabus.

Academic Probation

As a condition of continued enrollment at Brady Exploration School, students need to keep a passing grade in each of the classes they complete. If a student fails two or more classes in one quarter, they will be placed on Academic Probation for the next quarter.  Any student who does not pass ALL classes during their quarter of Academic Probation will be placed in a study skills class.

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