Grading and Report Cards at BXHS

Brady students are expected to demonstrate achievement of the Jefferson County guaranteed and viable curriculum. Students will earn grades in each class that reflect their level of proficiency. Grades will be recorded on each student’s transcript at the end of each grading period. 

Brady Exploration High School is committed to evaluating students based on their proficiency.  Our faculty works to consistent grade systems within the school. 
Brady’s grades reflect:  
A – Mastery (exceeds standards)
B – Proficiency (meets standards)
C – Partially Proficient (progressing toward meeting standards)
D – Partially Proficient (not progressing toward standards)
F – Unsatisfactory/NOT PASSING (no evidence of standards achievement)

Brady also may use the following grades for classes such as Brady Time or OJE (On the Job Training):
P - Pass (meets requirements/standards)
F - Unsatisfactory/NOT PASSING (no evidence of achievement)

Grades are always available to view online via Infinite Campus. Physical report cards are not sent home but  “final” grades for each term are posted a few days after the end of the term.

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